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Bay Area Graphics & Marketing understands that small business owners want affordable search engine optimization services, but they are more comfortable hiring a local SEO firm in Tampa, Florida. With various reasons why Florida businesses prefer a local Tampa SEO firm, most are derived from past experiences with other Tampa SEO firms who outsourced these services without the client's knowledge. Sure, you can get really cheap SEO services, but struggling with outsourced or overseas firms, the communication and time differences, can hinder your progress. Let us provide you with affordable search engine optimization services that are local and that produce fantastic results.

Our Search Engine Optimization Services are Geared Towards Improved Organic Ranking and Reducing PPC & Sponsored Ads.

Search Engine Optimization Services for Tampa & Florida Businesses Include:

Copywriting Services with Keyword Integration - Text, text and more text! On an individual page, search engines need to see content in order to list pages in their tremendous keyword-based index.

Code Analyzing/Web Structure - Too much flash, frames or scripts can hinder placement. For example: The links embedded inside Flash, Java applets and/or other plug-ins are usually inaccessible to search engines.

Link Building - This may sound easy enough, but proper link building through strategic planning is crucial to get the very best results.

Blogging, Social Media, Cross Marketing, Internet Marketing

Keyword/Key-Phrase Planning & Analytics

Titles & Descriptions for Improved Organic Ranking

Anchor Text - Search engines love links that contain keywords in the link text (anchor text) i.e.- Text found inside a tag.

Google Authorship & Publisher Markup - Integration and balance your social signals.

Schema Markup - Find out how important this is for SEO and organic ranking. Help the
search engines return more informative results for users and improve your ranking.

Rich Snippets and Structured Data (
(microdata, microformats, RDFa, and Data Highlighter) Another way to highlight features of products and services.

Website Structure Analyzed to Improve the Following:

Internal Linking -Internal Links are hyperlinks that point at (target) the same domain as the domain that the link exists on (source). In layman's terms, an internal link is one that points to another page on the same website.

H1 Tags - Learn about their importance.

Schema or Structured Mark Up Data - This can be challenging for the novice, but it's an important part of website design and marketing. Search engines use this to improve search results and so should you! For more information visit

small business seo services tampa Florida website design and search engine optimization tampa florida 

Getting a green light on your search engine optimization relies on methodically marketing your website according to Google and other engines' rules for optimization. Contact us to find out how we can improve your site's ranking.

Anchor Text, Link Building, Internal Website Structure
Internal links are useful for three reasons:

1. They allow users to navigate a website.
2. They help establish information hierarchy for the given website.
3. They help improve (ranking power) around websites.

Webmaster Guidelines

- Google Webmaster/Sitemap creation and submissions
- Google Analytics

Search Engine Optimization Services for Tampa Bay Businesses

Visit our Learning Center for Helpful Website Design & SEO
Tips for Your Tampa & Florida Small Business.

Florida search engine optimization and web design
Custom web design and social media integration     Bay Area Graphics & Marketing
Tampa & Florida Search Engine Optimization Geared Towards Organic Ranking

- It isn't necessary or profitable to spend money on promoting ads to be on page one, if you are already on page one organically.

- Maintaining your website's ranking will depend upon your current position and although it may take a little time to get your website ranking organically, in the long run it will be beneficial.

- If at any time you stop your paid ads, your organic placement will not magically appear. Additionally, if you stop your ads, your organic ads won't disappear.

- Once your website ranking is consistent, you can opt for these services to ensure that your business remains competitive.

- Ethical SEO is a must. If your ranking has dropped, it's time to re-evaluate your site and begin to utilize the recommended best practices by Google and other engines.

Search Engine Optimization service to ensure your Tampa, Florida business remains competitive. Serving Tampa, Lutz, Land O Lakes, Wesley Chapel and throughout Florida. Call us today at (813) 778-9548.
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